Lesson 3. Identity

Theme 1. Current scenario. Lesson 3. Identity.


In this lesson we will determine, that is your current identify and talk about it. Please, watch the tutorial video and do exercises.


Exercise 1: Identity.
Answer the following questions:
—  What kind of person am I?
—  How can I characterize me?
—  What is my uniqueness?
—  Who inspired me among historical figures in the past?
—  Who inspires me among mythical heroes and gods?
—  What kind of animal would I associate myself with?

If it is difficult for you to give yourself a description and answers to the first 3 questions, please, ask 5 close friends or relatives to name 5 of your most vivid and good characteristics, as well as one unique trait, peculiar to you personally. Choose the answers that you think most accurately describe you.

Exercise 1: Fairy tale therapy.
Think and write a fairy tale about yourself as a main character. Please, consider the introduction, main part of story, conclusion.

In addition

Watch a video about the archetypes and parts of our personality by Carl Gustav Jung about Individuation, the Persona, the Shadow, and the Self.


1) Answer the questions from the first exercise.
2) Write a fairy tale story where you are the main character.
3) Write what you like, what hurt, what needs to be improved in this lesson.

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