Vladimir Lucinovich

Founder, owner, member of the Board of Directors of CJSC “EKT Group”, Minsk, Belarus.

What is a sense of my life? How long it all will be going on? How am I sick of it all! Why can’t I do anything? Why no one understands me? Where to get this damn will power? How to make yourself act? … I could continue to throw such questions, and I bet that at least one of them you asked more than once to yourself or your loved ones. I thought that I would never be able to get answers to these questions and will always live with these thoughts. But it happened that I accidentally read Irina Romanenko’s book “The Master of the Game” and decided to test several techniques on myself.

Postponing this decision for a month, I wrote a short letter to Irina with gratitude for the pleasure received from reading her book. Probably, that was how it should have happened… Irina answered me and offered to try together to complete her on-line course. I did not hesitate for a minute, because I decided, if the person who wrote such an interesting book works with me, I’ll definitely get some benefit …

I was wrong. I did not get any benefit. I received answers to all the questions tormenting me and completely overloaded my mind. I started a new interesting life, and most importantly, I get pleasure out of it. I recommend everyone to try the methods of the on-line course of the “Master of the Game” developed by Irina Romanenko. I should warn you, that it will take a lot of your time, and you have to work hard, but believe me, the result is worth it.

Thank you, Irina. You really helped me a lot and opened the door to a new, different and wonderful world. I wish you success and hope you can help many more people.