Are you stuck in life and relations with your close people? Do you have a successful career, but tired of the career race? Do you understand that you have reached professional ceiling and do not know what to do next? Would you like to gain financial freedom, create your own business or start investing, but afraid to take a first step and have no ideas, where to start? You have already achieved perhaps a lot in your business, but have lost the taste of life and have not felt anything for a long time. Do you ask yourself why you came in this world and strive to enter the new level of being? If you gave a positive answer on one of these questions, this on-line academy is for you.


How to start acting?

How to start something, if you don’t want anything? How to make a decision and act? Before to answer these questions, let’s understand how our brain works. For our creativity, social and cognitive skills are mainly responsible the prefrontal cortex.


Managing Partner, Executive coach of first persons. PCC ICF. Author of the book “Become a President Coach.” Moscow, Russia.

Galina Storozhenko