Data Protection and Website Use Agreement

Protection of personal information

Your privacy is very important to us, so we created this policy to show you how we collect, use and process personal data. The below are presented the main points of our policy:

  1. This policy is governed by the laws of the European Union on the protection of personal data;
  2. We provide customers with open access to this policy;
  3. During the collection of personal information, we always indicate the purposes for which this information is collected;
  4. We collect and use personal data exclusively for the purposes we have indicated on the site;
  5. We collect personal data in a legal manner, with your notice and with your agreement on it;
  6. We store the collected data only to the extent necessary for your training and additional information;
  7. Personal information is collected in the minimum amount for the purposes of the site, but it must be accurate, complete and up to date, therefore you have the right to correct and clarify it;
  8. We take care of your personal data, protect them from loss, hacking, disclosure, alteration and duplication;
  9. We are focused on the standards of the European Union and guarantee the observance of the confidentiality of personal data, so we use only authorized services and third-party plug-ins that comply with these standards.Website Use Agreement.

Website Use Agreement

1. General Provisions

By accessing this website, you agree to all of the following, applicable laws and regulations, and agree to abide by them. If you do not agree with any of these provisions, the use of this site is prohibited. The materials contained on this site are protected by copyright.

2. License Agreement

It is allowed to temporarily download one copy of materials from the site solely for personal use and for non-commercial purposes. This permission is not a permission of transfer of rights. As part of this permission, you are not entitled to:

  1. Modify or copy materials;
  2. Use materials for commercial purposes or for any kind of public presentation;
  3. Attempt to decompile or modify any product or material contained on the site;
  4. Remove the logo or mark of copyright materials;
  5. Transfer materials to someone, as well as transfer the “mirrors” of materials to other servers.

This permission may be revoked if you neglect any of the clauses. After the termination of your permission or the expiration of your permission to use, you must destroy all materials downloaded from the site that are in your property, both electronically and in printed form.

3. Disclaimer

The site makes no warranties, disclaims and voids any warranty, including (without limitation) purported warranties or states of merchantability, the suitability of materials for a specific purpose, the suitability for a specific reason or the non-intrusion of licensed property or other violation of rights. The site does not guarantee and does not make any statements about the conformity of these materials for you.

4. Restrictions

The site does not bear any responsibility for any kind of damage (including damage from loss of information or benefits), obtained by using or due to the inability to use the materials, regardless of whether the likelihood of such damage was indicated orally or in writing.

5. Corrections and errors

The materials shown on the site may contain typographical or photographic errors. The site does not guarantee that any of the materials is complete, full or valid. The site can carry out activities to improve the materials without notifying users. At the same time, the site does not necessarily undertake activities to improve the materials.

6. References

The site is not responsible for the content of the linked web pages. Links to any connection does not imply its support from the site. The user assumes the risk of using any such connection and links.

7. Cookies

We placed our site on the WordPress site and used reliable, authorized third-party plug-ins, which can collect cookies to optimize the site. Without these files, the site will not work. We are not responsible for the collection of these files, nor for the collection of cookies by third parties with whom we have integrated our site. However, you can always manage cookies through your browser settings.

8. Changes to the terms of use of the site

We can update the terms of use of the site at any time without notifying users according to law. By using this site, you agree to all future changes to this Agreement.

9. Governing Law

Interaction with the site is governed by the legislation of the European Union.

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