Theme 1. Current Scenario

Current scenario

This section of the site contains the lessons for Theme 1. “Current scenario”. The theme addresses the following questions:
— Am I satisfied with my life?
— Who am I in this world?
— What game am I playing?
— What is my possible outcome?
— What are my current vision, values, mission and goals?

If you are ready for changes in your life, then complete tasks of all the lessons in this module. We would be glad if you take the first step on the path of awareness your current life scenario, as well as of understanding own values and vision. Good luck on your journey to your true self. Take life into your own hands. Say to life – Yes! We will be also glad to help you if you decide to work individually within the Bachelor or Master program.

Lesson 1. Vision

Lesson 2. Mission

Lesson 3. Identity

Lesson 4. Values

Lesson 5. Well-being assessment

Lesson 6. Goals