Lesson 1. Vission

Theme 1. Current scenario. Lesson 1. Vision.


Stages of life and basic meanings:
— Adaptation: survival, protection, pleasure;
— Socialization: belonging to a group, stability, social package;
— Personalization: the desire to stand out from the group, significance, success, power, money, the needs of own ego;
— Trans-personalization: knowledge, experience, awareness, responsibility, control, going beyond the ego;
— Identity: awareness of uniqueness, balance, influence, development, management through meaning, own philosophy, principles and rules;
— Liberation: liberation from attachment, from proud, true freedom.

Vision is the formulation of your main goal, dreams, expectations for the future:
— Cleare;
— Oriented to the future;
— Challenging, inspiring and motivating;
— Based on values.


Exercise 1. Current Vision.
Formulate an answer for the current moment, if you succeed:
— Meta-goal or Vision: What would you like to achieve?
— Meaning: Why do I need it? Why do you want to achieve this
— Values: For what values?
Imagine that you managed to achieve your plans:
— What do you feel?
— Please think and describe.

In addition

Video (3 minutes): People looking for meaning? Kovalev S.V https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCPkOiSQcss

Video (4 minutes): The famous speech of V. Frankl about the meaning and purpose in life.


1) Describe your current vision or meta-goal.
2) Describe what you felt when you imagined that you were able to implement it.
3) Write what you like, what not, what needs to be improved in this lesson.

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