If you like to study independently and do not need individual support, you can use this option. Self-study will allow you to start training at any convenient time and pass it at your own tempo. As part of this program, you will get access to 18 video lessons, structured around three themes.


Introduction test
Connection to P2P group on Facebook and Whatsapp
Theme 1. Current scenario
Theme 2. Re-program yourself
Theme 3. Forgiveness and acceptance
Zoom game option
Final test


Before the start and after end of study, it is important to conduct tests to define your thinking and behavior patterns and to track changes. The link to the tests will be sent after registration.

Connection to P2P

After testing you can connect to the Peopel2People group on Facebook and Whatsapp. Each theme and homework have been usually discussed among the group participants. In addition, you can initiate a game in Zoom to solve your own problem. The rules of working in a group and the rules of the game are described in the Courses section. A link to the group connection will be sent to you after registration.

Theme 1. Current scenario

— Test patterns of thinking and behavior
— Who am I and what game am I playing?
— What is my possible outcome?
— My current vision, values, mission and goals

Theme 2. Re-program yourself

— Family programs and negative personal experiences
— Changing negative beliefs and expanding own maps
— Mental structure and dialogue with sub-parts of psyche
— Reworking childhood injuries and negative personal experience

Theme 3. Forgiveness and acceptance

— Self-Acceptance and forgiveness
— Psychosomatics of diseases
— Emotional-imaginative therapy
— Gratitude


Starting classes is possible at any time convenient for you, after the payment.



This product will allow you to start learning on your own at any convenient time and at your own pace. You will get access to 18 video lessons, tests and connection to a closed P2P group on Facebook and Whatsapp, as well as the opportunity to receive psychological assistance as a part of a group on-line game in Zoom.


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