Exmacon Consulting

Exmacon Consulting is an Austrian consulting company, founded in 2014 to expand consulting and training services in the European market in areas of business strategy and digital transformation, risks and performance measurement, information systems and data warehousing, data governance and data modelling, project management and setting up of effective teams.

Management consulting

Consulting is structured around the following areas:
— Business diagnostics and transformation Road map;
— Strategy, business model and organizational structure;
— Management accounting methodology;
— Implementation methodology of data warehouse and information system;
— Business requirements for reporting and information system;
— Business analysis and creation of a data warehouse model;
— Selection of an IT-partner and quality assurance of the project;
— Formation of an implementation team and team mentoring;
— Data quality and data governance after implementation.

Business training

Trainings are structured around the following areas.
Business transformation:
—  Corporate Governance and Business Valuation;
—  Strategic and tactical planning;
—  Marketing and sales organization;
—  Management accounting and budgeting.

Data governance and data modeling:
—  Business model, management information and data warehouse;
—  Methodology and organization of the Data Warehouse and MIS project;
—  Business requirements and data model;
—  Data governance and data quality.

Creation of effective teams:
—  Group dynamics and leadership and resolving working conflicts;
—  Professional goals and motivation of employees.

If you are interested in corporate training or you need consulting in the areas of business transformation, creating an integrated reporting system, data warehouse implementation, data governance and data modeling, please refer to the link below.