Iryna Romanenko

Consultant for a life, career and business development. Owner of the Austrian consulting company Exmacon Consulting. Founder of the on-line project for the self-development #SELF-ACADEMY. The author of the book “Master of the Game”, as well as the author of articles for on-line magazines Executive.ru and Psychologies.ru


The Self-Academy is an on-line space where you can find answers to fundamental questions that occur at different stages of people life. This is a place where you can find psychological support in difficult life situations, understand the mental causes of your problems, and develop behavioral skills that will help you to cope with crisis situations and to find the own path to your self-identity.

Exmacon Consulting

Exmacon Consulting is an Austrian consulting company, founded in 2014 to expand its consulting service in the European market. The main activities include consulting and corporate training in the field of business strategy and digital transformation, management accounting and management information system, data management and data modeling, project management and setting up of effective teams.

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