Master of Game

I do not like a promotion and an obsessive marketing awfully. I simply stuck and fall into a stupor when I need to advertise myself. But having said “A” you have to say “B.” A year ago my first book “Master of the Game” was published.

I wanted to share with people techniques of psychological self-correction and self-help, that once worked well for me and today work great for my clients. As a result, I got a little carried away and philosophized about the meaning of life, about success, about the games of masters of life and their winning strategies. AS the result was  created a life manual and book for my online course. Well, since there is a course, the idea of ​​# SELF-ACADEMY had arisen, and more recently, this website has appeared.

Thus one simple step entailed a chain of unusual events in my life. In August last year, the director of one of my corporate clients in Belarus, after reading a book, organized a presentation in Minsk. He had invited the Philosophical Society of Belarus, a former presidential candidate in 2015, an interesting woman, a psychologist by education, Head of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Belarus and top managers of Belgazavtoservis.

It was the chairman of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs who suggested that I sign a book for Lukashenko, president of Belorussian. They have been gifting 5 best books of the year to the President of Belarus every year at his birthday. And mine probably came to his library in August 2018. It was completely unexpected.

A year has passed after a roaring start. I advertised the book no longer. However, from 5 to 10 electronic and paper copies are stably sold per month in the e-shop and in the bookstores “Chitai-Gorod” and “Moscow”.

And now again an unexpected surprise…I was invited to the book conference in Moscow to present my book as a young author. I decided to go.

Give up with your fears and doubts. Take the first steps to the new and the unknown. Take life into your own hands, otherwise others will do it for you. Good luck to all of us on our way to our-Self.

Irina Romanenko

Business consultant, banker, project manager, data modeler
Life, career and business strategy consultant
Founder of the # SELF-Academy of Self-Development and Entrepreneurship
The author of the book “Master of the Game”

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