Lesson 6. Goals

Theme 1. Current scenario. Lesson 6. Goals.


The results of the first week are:
— Vision: What am I striving for?
— Meaning: Why do I need it?
— Mission: What do I want to do?
— Identity: What is my uniqueness?
— Values: What are my priorities now?
— Goals: What is my result now in the main areas of life?


Exercise 1: Dreams, desires and goals.
If you had a magic wand, whatever dreams and desires you would realize:
— Health (body, mind, soul);
— Family (partners, children, parents);
— Relationships (social, professional, business, etc.);
— Finance (career, business, investment);
— Knowledge (learning, languages, skills).
Perhaps your dreams and desires have already become your goals. Please, state what you want to achieve in five areas of your life.

In addition

Video (10 minutes): How to know your future?

Video (5 minutes): Karma or fate? Gene memory.

Video (6 minutes): How to change your future?


1) Formulate your goals or desires in the five main areas of life.
2) Write what you like, what not, what needs to be improved in this lesson.

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