Lesson 5. Well-being

Theme 1. Current scenario. Lesson 5. Well-being.


Please, watch the tutorial video and do the exercises.


Exercise 1: Assessing well-being.
Rate your satisfaction with life in five areas in the star of well-being. For each ray, evaluate the satisfaction on a scale from 1 to 5. Calculate the arithmetic average score for each of the areas:
—  Health;
—  Love;
—  Connections;
—  Finance;
—  Knowledge.

For example: If you rate a relationship with a loved one – 5, a daughter – 5, a son – 3, a mother – 3, a father – 5, a grandmother – 5, then your average arithmetic ball in the “Love” area will be (5+5+3+3+5+5):6=4,3.

In addition

Additionally, watch the video (45 minutes): “From frogs to princes or how to come to well-being”
http:// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E01PARFXhE0


1) Make an assessment of life satisfaction in five areas in the star of well-being.
2) If you have not completed bonus-test of mental and behavioral patterns, please, do it now.
3) Write what you like, what not, what needs to be improved in this lesson.

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