This course is designed for those who follow the principle of “help yourself”, as well as for those who do not have time and money to visit psychotherapists or study in expensive MBA programs to start their own business. This course is for those who like and ready to work independently, and who need basic knowledge of psychology to remove mental blocks and fears before starting a new career or a new business project, and who are ready to be aware of mental and behavioral traps, as well as to rework past traumas that greatly hinder our progress towards success and self-realization.

About course

This course is based on the logotherapy (therapy of mening), the method of the Austrian psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, a former prisoner of the Nazi concentration camp, the founder of the third Viennese school of psychotherapy. The course includes elements of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, integral neurolinguistic programming and positive psychology. In addition, the on-line game and assignments are based on group dynamics and the IOA-concept developed by a group of professors at the University of Vienna. The concept of Strategy Maps presented by David Norton and Robert Kaplan, professors at Harvard Business School, is used to develop life, career and business strategies.

The exercises and psychological interventions are built around elements that can be imaging as a house. In the exercises for Theme 1-3, we will step by step analyze all the elements of this house, from the roof to the foundation. We clean the old rubbish of resentment, obsolete beliefs and false attitudes from the cellars of the soul, strengthen the foundation of our psyche and treat childhood traumas. We are clearing the way to healthy relationships with people and ourselves.

During the exercises for Theme 4-5, we build new walls to maintain our physical and mental health, shape the mindset for gaining new knowledge and forming social connections, and create motivation for changes. At the last stage, we build a new roof of values and goals, realize our SELF or true identity, create a new vision and write a new own life scenario.


By the end of the course, you will create a personal strategy maps and action plan for:   
— Financial independence;   
— Fulfillment of life;   
— Sincere relationships in love and friendship;   
— Desired social and professional connections;   
— Physical, mental and soul health;   
— True identity and uniqueness;   
— Balanced life goals;   
— Overcome fears on the way to own self-realization.


Introduction test
Theme 1. Current scenario
Theme 2. Re-program of yourself
Theme 3. Forgiveness and acceptance
Theme 4. Point of assembling
Theme 5. Life strategy and tactics
Individual on-line support
Group support People2People
Zoom games
Final test

As part of the Theme 1, you will become aware of your current life scenario, understand what kind of “game” you are playing at this stage of your life, formulate your vision, mission, values and goals at the point A, at the current point in time and at the level of knowledge and awareness that you have now.

In the Theme 2, you will learn to recognize and change the unconscious thought habits and behavioral patterns that are preventing you from achieving success, love, and well-being.

As part of the Theme 3, you will learn to accept and forgive yourself and others, as well as gain the skill of thanking yourself for the experience. At the end of this module, you will feel solid ground under your feet to move forward.

The Theme 4 is about creating your new life scenario. After completing the lessons of this module, you will understand your true Identity or SELF, realize a new Vision of the future, and probably change your value priorities in this period of life. You will build new goals and create Strategy Maps to achieve these goals. In addition, you will test your goals on neurological levels.

By the end of the lessons in the Theme 5, you will be able to translate your strategic goals in Strategy Maps into jbjectives of the Tactical Plan and into daily steps in the Action Plan. You will understand how to develop a daily habit of actions to achieve your goals.


The course includes the levels of Self-Study, Bachelor and Master.

The Self-Study level does not require payment and registration on the #SELF-ACADEMY website. This package is provided free of charge and involves self-testing, self-studying video tutorials and doing homework without feedback and individual support from #SELF-ACADEMY.

The Bachelor level includes assignment review, feedback and ten individual psychological consultations, as well as participation in a P2P group and Zoom games. The condition for admission to the Bachelor level is self-testing and self-study of the video lessons of Theme 1.

The Master level includes ten additional individual consultations during which you will work through blocks and fears, create your Strategy Maps and Tactical Plan, and defend them in a P2P master group. The condition for admission to the Master level is the completion of all lessons in Theme 1-3 within the Bachelor level.

You will find the cost of packages for Master and Bachelor as well as payment buttons on the main page of the site. The Self-Study package is free of charge. It was created for those who love to learn on their own and are ready to become a psychologist for themselves, but we will be glad if you decide to thank us and support the #SELF-ACADEMY project.


It is important to take free self-assessment tests for thinking and behavioral habits before starting the self-study course. Testing is also should be done after completing the course to assess your progress and changes in thought and behavioral patterns.

If you feel that you cannot cope with a difficult life situation on your own, and you want to receive individual support, send completed tests to Please, write in the subject line of the email: “I want to get individual support”. In the letter, briefly describe your situation, indicate your contact phone number, first and last name. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can use your nickname.

We follow the privacy policy. In addition, we are guided by ethical standards accepted in international psychotherapeutic practice and keep complete confidentiality of any information obtained within our individual work with you.


After registering and paying for participation in the Bachelor or Master program, you will get a link to connect to a P2P group on Facebook and to a group chat. After payment, you will also be connected to an individual Telegram channel to receive personal advice and support.

Please follow the rules of the P2P group:
— It is important to treat each other with respect and maintain confidentiality;
— We have different nationalities, thus, it is important to be tolerant of other people’s views, values, traditions, believes and language;
— You can join the group anonymously;
— The working language in the group is Russian or English;
— The group works on-line to analyze homework as well as to conduct games in Zoom;
— Follow the calendar of events on the site and our mailing list.

Zoom Game

All members of a P2P group can initiate an online game in Zoom to resolve an internal conflict or specific relationship problem. To do this, any participant can create an event in the P2P group on Facebook by inviting 3 to 5 participants and the group administrator to the game. The initiator creates an event, where he/she describes a specific situation. After approval by the group admin, invitations to Zoom meeting will be sent to the game participants.

During the game in Zoom, participants work out a problem situation according to the scheme:
— Description of the situation by the initiator;
— Clarifying questions of the participants;
— Participants feedback and associations;
— Feedback of the initiator;
— Hypotheses of the participants;
— Possible solutions of the participants;
— Feedback of the initiator;
— Group reflection.

Good luck in your self-development. Be wealthy and fulfilled.


If you like to study independently, and you do not need an individual support, you can use the free Self-Study option. This package allows you to start learning at any time and at your own pace. The video lessons of this course are available free of charge on our YouTube channel #SELF-ACADEMY. For your convenience, at this website, we have grouped links to playlists with video tutorials and course assignments, as well as links to other useful materials. 


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The Self-Study package is free of charge, but you can thank us and support our #SELF-ACADEMY project here.



To be enrolled in a Bachelor program, you have to send us tests at, which assess your thinking and behavioral habits. After confirmation of registration and payment, you get access to ten individual on-line consultations. It is important to get through the lessons of Theme 1 before the first consultation. Participants also get access to a P2P group on Facebook as well as can initiate a Zoom game to resolve internal conflicts.


After submitting tests and confirming registration for the Bachelor program, you can pay for your participation here.



You can be enrolled in the Master program after completing the Bachelor level. During the ten additional on-line consultations, participants develop Strategy Maps and Tactical Plans. In the master group at the end of the program, participants defend their Strategy Maps and Tactical Plans. In addition, in the group are regularly monitored the implementation of plans, is developed the habit to regular actions, as well as worked out fears and blocks.


After completing the Bachelor and confirming registration for the Master program, you can pay for your participation here.