Master of Game

The course is based on logotherapy or therapy of meaning, the method developed by Victor Frankl, an Austrian psychologist, who survived the Nazi concentration camp and managed to return to normal life. It includes elements of positive psychology, leadership psychology, integral neuroprogramming, as well as elements of group dynamics based on the concept of Integrative Outdoor Aktivitäten, developed by a group of professors at the University of Vienna. For the development of life, career and business strategies are adapted and used the concepts of the Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecards presented by David Norton and Robert Kaplan, professors of the Harvard Business School.


This course for those who are stuck in life or confused in relationships with close people, has reached his professional ceiling or is tired of a career race, wants to gain financial freedom, start own business or investing. Perhaps you have already created a successful business, but have lost your taste for life and have not felt anything for a long time? Do you want to reach a new level and understand why you are in this world? If you answered yes to one of these questions, then this course is for you.


By the end of the course, you will create a personal strategy maps and action plan for:   
— Financial independence;   
— Fulfillment of life;   
— Sincere relationships in love and friendship;   
— Desired social and professional connections;   
— Physical, mental and soul health;   
— Decide on your identity and uniqueness;   
— Develop balanced life goals;   
— Overcome fears on the way to their realization.


Introduction test
Connection to the People2People group on Facebook and Whatsapp
Theme 1. Current scenario
Theme 2. Re-program yourself
Theme 3. Forgiveness and acceptance
Theme 4. Point of assembling
Theme 5. Life strategy and tactics
Group support on Facebook and Whatsapp
Individual support in Whatsapp and Skype
Zoom game option
Final test


When registering on the site as free gifts you will receive:
— Access to 6 video lessons and homework Themes 1. Current scenario;
— Free tests of the model of thinking and behavior;
— Connect to a closed group P2P Whatsapp;
— Connect to a closed group P2P Facebook;
— The ability to initiate a Zoom game in a P2P group on Facebook to work out a specific personal problem.


After registration and prior to the course, it is important to pass tests of the mental and behavioral model. Testing is also carried out after completion of the course. The link to the tests will be sent after registration.


After registering or paying for one of the tariff packages, you will get a link to be connected to the closed People2People group on Facebook and Whatsapp.

Zoom Game

All members of the P2P group on Facebook initiate an on-line Zoom game to resolve an internal conflict or a specific life problem. For this, any participant can create an event in the P2P group on Facebook by inviting from 3 to 5 participants and the group administrator to the game. The initiator creates an event in P2P group, where he describes an own situation. After the approval by the administrator participants will get invitations to the game in Zoom.


Course includes several levels — Self-study, Student, Bachelor and Master. Mandatory conditions for enrollment at the Bachelor level are completion of theme, tutorial videos and home tasks at the level of Self-study or Student. Admission to the Master level is possible only after the completion of the Bachelor level.


If you like to study independently and do not need individual support, you can use this option. Self-study will allow you to start training at any convenient time and pass it at your own tempo. As part of this program, you will get access to 18 video lessons, structured around three themes.


If you prefer to move within a group or you need an individual support, the Student package will suit you better. In addition to the 18 tutorial videos, the program includes individual on-line support in Whatsapp and Skype, as well as homework analysis and theme discussion in the closed P2P group on Facebook and Whatsapp.


To enroll in a Bachelor program, you have to finish the Self-Study or Student level. In the Bachelor program, participants have access to the remaining 10 tutorial videos for the two final topics, as well as individual on-line support for creating strategy maps and tactical plan based on individual SWOT-analysis.


You must complete the Bachelor program and present your strategy maps and tactical plan to study under the Master program. Within the Master program is carried out a regular monitoring of the fulfillment of the tactical plan, as well as the work out of individual blocks and fears.

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