Iryna Romanenko

Consultant for life, career and business strategy development. Owner of the Austrian consulting company Exmacon Beratung. Founder of on-line academy for self-development and entrepreneurship #SELF-ACADEMY. The author of the book “Master of the Game”, the author of on-line publications and

As a business consultant she specializes in the business strategy and digital transformation of business, in management accounting and management information systems, in data modeling of data warehouses and project management, in group psychology and leadership. Owner of an Austrian consulting company.

She specializes in individual psychological counseling in the field of self-realization and self-identity, gaining financial independence and creating optimal social relations, and developing strategies and tactical plans for personal growth.

Successful project manager. She worked as a member of the project and technology committee and director of the department of management information systems at the State Savings Bank of Ukraine, the largest state-owned bank in Ukraine. She implemented IBM Banking Data Warehouse. Since 2013, the bank has been on the list of successful IBM projects.

She holds an MSc degree in group psychology, organizational and individual development based on the IOA concept of the University of Vienna, an EMBA degree in mergers and acquisitions of the Vienna University of Technology, an MBA degree in banks of the Kiev International Management Institute.

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