Master of Game

In this section you can get acquainted with the author’s announcement of the book “Master of the game.” If you want to gain financial independence and realize yourself in life, then this book is for you.

About book

The book examines the psychological factors of success, given the technique of correcting a negative mindset and creating behavioral habits inherent in successful people. The second part of the book is devoted to our socialization and basic human games. Historical examples show the winning strategies of the masters of life, provide techniques to overcome the psychological money barrier and the formation of financial goals through the understanding of own uniqueness and the highest meaning of own life. The book provides the key to creating a personal Life Strategy Maps and Tactical Plan. I sincerely wish you good luck in working on your-SELF. Still tell life – Yes!

From author

I signed my book for Lukashenko, the president of Belarus… It sounds like a joke, but it’s true. I will remember these couple of days in Minsk for a long time. This is not the first time I’ve been speaking to a large international audience, but I presented my book to readers for the first time. It was very touching and pleasant.

The General Director of Belgazavtoservis as a sponsor and in gratitude for the training, which I conducted for his top managers in Vienna, organized this event in Minsk. To be honest, I did not expect such a big audience. More than a hundred people came to the event. Television and press were invited, the chairman of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Belarus and the Philosophical Society of Belarus, the presidential candidate of Belarus in the 2015 election, an amazing, interesting woman, a psychologist by education.

I was most surprised by the questions. Thoughtful and deep. I expected a more formal approach, a regular interview. To be honest, I did not expect that people would be able to read the book before the official presentation. The book was recently published. But people have read it and a discussion has started. The topics raised were not simple, in many respects they were philosophical. The chairman of the Belarusian Philosophical Society called the conclusions of the book, in some sense, the life credo and philosophical manual. That is how I conceived them.

I was also struck by the words of the chairman of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Belarus, who said that such books should be read by the young generation and people in power. It was he who asked me to sign my book for Alexander Lukashenko. It turns out that the President of Belarus has his birthday on August 10th. Every year the Confederation gives him five best books of the year. It is very probable that my book will fall into the library of the President of Belarus.

It is important for any author to create a specific profile of his target reader. I have three clear images – young people, who start their careers, men or women, who are at the point of changing their life scenario, executives or owners of business, who wants to create a reliable operating team. Did I think about the president of any country? No. However, in reality this book is also for people, who are in power today. I would like to remind them about the moral and ethical norms of life that humanity has been developing for centuries.

It seems that all wishes come to reality and meanings become true, if we really believe in what we want and what we are doing. Sometimes I’m afraid to dream. When I dream about something, I am implementing it. Of course, for some ideas I need more time. Like my #SELS-ACADEMY project.

It took me several years to launch it, but I hope my efforts were worth it. The book, in fact, became a manual for my on-line course “Master of the Game”, which, in turn, led me to the idea of ​​creating an educational on-line project #SELF-Academy. Having once written a book and did step A, I had to take step B and create #SELF-Academy. And it seems to me that my journey is only beginning.

Friends, what about you? Do your dreams come true easily? How do you feel when amazing things happen to you?

For people of meaning, the desired is necessary, and the necessary is possible!


For those of you, who do not dare yet to take the first steps towards their real SELF, I decided to make an audio recording of my book “Master of the Game”. I myself really like listening to audiobooks, and know how well they save time. Thus, I decided to please you and myself. I really hope that you will like this audio work, and most importantly, the book will be useful and timely for you. Good luck with your journey!

Well, if you decide to seriously work on your life scenario, to realize the mental causes of your problems and failures, if you are ready to write your new, conscious and happy life scenario, then study free of charge on-line course “Master Games” on this site.

Take life into your own hands. Say to life – Yes! I will be glad to help you.