The art of making compliments

There is one trick that I use when I want to achieve something or learn something from other people. I catch the eye of a person and smile. Then I ask for help, a favor, or ask about what I want to know. Even if a person cannot help me now, I thank and tell him a compliment. A smile and a compliment, in any case, have a magical effect and a strong influence on people.

The next time when I again contact this person, I usually get what I want. The secret is not just to smile and thank, but to make a sincere compliment.

I have to say that it is a great art to make a such sincere compliment. A compliment should not be trivial, false or hypocritical. To make sincere and kind compliments, you really have to love people and be genuinely interested in them.

In addition, you must be very careful and observant to notice and emphasize the good, strong qualities of another person. Try playing this game: notice something good every day in every person you meet or chat with.

And my main advice – start with yourself. Every morning, looking in the morning in the mirror, you meet with yourself. Tell yourself at this moment the following phrase: “I love and accept you for who you are. I love you, I really love you very much. What can I do for you today?” This phrase belongs to Louise Hay, an American writer, a woman with an amazing life, the author of more than thirty books on popular psychology.

For some people, this is an impossible task. We often blame and condemn ourselves for every mistake we make in our lives. What to say about accepting other people? How to truly love and forgive others, if we have not learned to love and forgive ourselves?

To get rid of condemnation once and for all and to avoid self-destruction, it is necessary to develop a new habit. If you perform this exercise in front of a mirror every day during 21 days, new stable neural connections will form in your brain that will automatically fix a new skill at an unconscious level.

Another magic phrase by Louise Hay, which I use myself often for meditations and affirmations, is: “I always do the best I can at the level of consciousness, knowledge and awareness, that I have now. Everything in my life is a valuable experience for me and everything is for my goodness.”

This is the statement removes the internal conflict and the conviction for mistakes and blunders that we made. When a child learns to walk and falls over and over again, he or she probably doesn’t say: “Oh, that’s probably not mine.” Gradually learning, he or she still gets up and takes first steps.

By learning how to accept ourselves and make ourselves compliments, we can truly admire others. And believe me, receiving our admiration, people will not want to disappoint us. They will want to change and become better, to reflect, what we see in them.

Good luck with your self-development. I wish you a magical changes in your life. Love yourself and people around you in every day!

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